Posted by Kristen Steinbeck

Jul 15, 2017 8:38:02 PM

Simplify your college life by making sure your classes, studying, and textbooks are in order (and easy to access!) with these super-helpful apps.

Brainscape flashcards

This highly recommended app lets you create your own flashcards and study them, then helps you track the progress of your subject mastery. You can also purchase premade packs within the app and share the cards you make yourself with other people. Columbia University even did a study on the app and found it to double the studier’s increase in retention (in contrast with book studying and handmade flashcards).


Taking notes isn’t like it used to be—with Evernote, you can organize what might be a hectic course schedule, write notes with all the bells and whistles (links, audio, photos, sketches, checklists, etc.), share your notes with classmates, and have your notes all in one place, all the time. Also, there’s a built-in scanner, so if you tend to lose your assignments, it’s helpful to scan ‘em and keep ‘em right on your phone or computer.


EasyBib has been around for years, but now getting a bibliography entry is as easy as scanning the ISBN on the book with your phone. Though perhaps we’re required to say you should learn how to write a bibliography on your own first!


A great platform for organizing class schedules and corresponding tests and assignments, as well as tracking your grades and GPA. Never forget another task again! This app is like a very, very smart planner.

Chegg textbook rental

No more exorbitant textbook prices! Instead of buying books you’ll only use for a few months, you can rent books for up to 90 percent off the regular price. Bonuses: you’re allowed to highlight rented books and there’s a 21-day hassle-free return if you drop a class.

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