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What Parents Are Saying about ZAPS

"My daughter wasn't able to attend the live session at her school so we did the online format. It worked great and she was able to do it on her own time."

Richel W., Parent, Grand Forks, ND


"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the webinar my son attended in August. His score went from 28 to 34... We are very happy!"

-Jackie S., Parent, Rogers, MN


"I wanted to tell you how impressed my 17-year-old son was about the ACT prep class he took at Saguaro High School here in Tucson, AZ in April. My son was not looking forward to having to sit through this class but both evenings after class he came home excited about what he had learned and commented that it would be valuable in many areas of his education, not just this test.  He is not impressed with much but he actually enjoyed this class.  I have a daughter that will be a Junior this year and another one that will be a Junior next year and I will definitely sign them up for this ACT Prep class. Thank you for the wonderful program you have available."

-Teresa, Parent, Tucson, AZ


"My daughter took a ZAPS ACT Strategy Webinar from the comforts of our dining room table. While doing the online coursework I could hear her laughing with the instructor.  I was not anticipating that she would be laughing while studying. She appreciated the instructor's humor!
"Her goal was a 28. She just got her scores back and she got a 30! She was thrilled. Thanks, ZAPS, for making studying enjoyable!"
-Karleen H, Parent, CO


"The ZAPS SAT Webinar and SAT Math Webinar were great experiences for my son! He was pretty stressed about the test coming up on Saturday. But after his strategy webinar and the small-group tutoring session, he now knows what to expect and feels much more confident. What's more, we registered late for the webinar, and the staff went above and beyond to get us our materials on time so he could fully participate. I'm impressed."

-Colleen D., Parent, Iowa City, IA


Just want to thank you for the great ACT workshop my daughter took with you a few weeks ago. She stated after the fact that it offered great strategy and time management during the testing period. As parents, we liked that it was one day, and not a weekly ordeal, which I think stresses kids out. My daughter took the test in Oct., which is semi-early for her Jr. year, and got a score of 30. We are thrilled!!! She is a great student, but that score was beyond our expectations. Word spreads fast at our school about scores, etc. I have received 5 emails tonight from parents wanting to know what prep course we used. I have passed your info along. Thanks again! You made a big difference and now, having posted a good score, we are all relieved and can relax a little. Our daughter will take the test one more time at a later date, but if this score is the best she does, we are very proud of that.

-Mary C., Parent, Windham H.S., ME 


"From both mine and my son's perspective, your tutoring session Saturday afternoon was highly beneficial.  My son was engaged throughout, learned a great deal and stayed on task. I was concerned when I initially signed up through ZAPS about a passive webinar session that he could text or daydream through; but you were fantastic at engaging the students throughout - you noted where they were from, asked for their individual responses without negatively calling them out, and made learning fun. You treated the participants with respect, kept the session engaging, and were very, very clear in content.  The booklet provided prior to the webinar was a valuable tool. I didn't sit right next to my son as he was in the webinar with you; rather, I was doing housework in adjoining rooms so I could hear the session and my son giggling and commenting here and there. He never picked up his phone that I saw.  The session as you taught it wouldn't have made that possible - he had to stay connected mentally. I was truly amazed that my son stayed focused, took a break only when you so noted, and was still sitting engaged at the end of 2 1/2 hours.  Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge."

-Parent, WI


I just wanted to thank you for putting on the ZAPS seminar in Sauk Rapids, MN. Both of my children complained about having to go to a ‘dumb’ course. However, they both came home pleasantly surprised that the instructor was engaging with the kids and that she didn't make it boring. They both felt they learned a lot about the ACT test and strategies for testing in general. Again, THANK YOU. I let Sauk Rapids High School know of my opinion in offering this course to the students in the future.

-Caren H., Parent, Sauk Rapids H.S., MN


Great news. Our son raised his ACT score by 5 points! Please pass along the news and our appreciation to the team. Our son shared with me how encouraging the tutors were, specifically citing many examples. He needed that, along with the technical guidance. The investment was well worth the outcome; actually, the success he realized was priceless. It is obvious that ZAPS takes the time to find tutors who really love working with young people.

-Wendy, Parent, Greendale H.S., WI


"Thank you so much and I wish everyone's customer service was as good as what you have provided us with."

-Stacy, Parent, WI