Want to know whether ZAPS test-prep instruction from Doorway to College Foundation is a good idea for your student?

At the end of each ZAPS seminar or webinar, students evaluate the instruction, materials, and test specialist. They let us know if the seminar or webinar helped them in preparing for college and in improving SAT scores and ACT scores. Below is a sample of the comments we’ve collected from ZAPS students.




What Students Say About ZAPS Seminars


I feel like I’ve taken a lot from this seminar and I appreciate the practice books. Time went by quickly.

-Erin, Saraland H.S., AL


I took the same class for my ACT and I am very happy with my score! Came back for SAT. These classes help me so much!

-Jessy, Williams Field H.S., AZ


"I found this very helpful, more helpful than I thought."

-Will, Liberty H.S., CA


Very very very amazing seminar. I learned so much. Definitely loved the presenter. She was easy to understand. Helped a ton!!

-Brandon, Pine Creek H.S., CO


I think this class will help me not only with the ACT, but with any test taking.

-Haley, Melbourne H.S., FL


Don’t change a thing.

-Josh, North Paulding H.S., GA


It's good to hear GREAT tips that you haven't heard before.

-Alyssa, John F. Kennedy H.S., IA


"ZAPS has changed the way I take tests COMPLETELY! History, Science, all of it! It helps me narrow down my options and have been getting better test scores in school.  I look forward to trying the ZAPS method on my placement tests, too."

-Julio, United Township H.S., IL


The presenter did an excellent job; he had a lot of enthusiasm for what he does. He also made the experience more enjoyable.

-Richard, Carroll H.S., IN


Most test practice seminars are very boring and not that helpful. This one is the first that I learned valuable tips and information from and, that I actually can say, I enjoyed.

-Jillian, Manhattan H.S., KS


I was skeptical about the class at first, but I am extremely glad I took it and it helped a lot.

-David, Pleasure Ridge H.S., KY


I found this seminar very useful! I appreciate the time and enthusiasm that was put into the presentation, and now feel 100 times more confident about testing. Thank you!

-Olivia, Westford Academy, MA


"Loved it!  Thank you so much!"

-James, Windham H.S., ME


I enjoyed coming today and I feel a lot more confident now that I have practice tests and a study guide.

-Haley, Chesaning H.S., MI


He did a good job immersing us into the presentation. I couldn't tell how much time had passed.

-Joe, Champlin Park H.S., MN


It was an overall excellent workshop. [The presenter] has a PHENOMENAL personality! Keep him as long as possible!

-Christina, Rockwood Summit H.S., MO


Our presenter was exciting. He kept us motivated. He rewarded those who did well, those who improved, as well as encouraging the rest of us. Honestly, I wish I had him as a teacher. He did an amazing job.

-Whitney, McDowell H.S., NC


I feel much better and less stressed and excited to take [the test] again!!! :)

-Ellie, Red River H.S., ND


I loved taking part in the workshop.

-Noah, Middletown South H.S., NJ


If all of my teachers were as interesting as [the presenter], I would enjoy my classes a lot more.

-Jessica, Manzano H.S., NM


I feel so much better prepared!

-Tim, Dayton H.S., NV


It was well worth my time and provides great insight.

-Evan, Half Hollow Hills H.S., NY


Thank you so much! I feel 100x more prepared, especially with practice tests.

-Chelsea, Mayfield H.S., OH


I learned a lot and feel much better about the PSAT.

-Lexi, Owasso H.S., OK


I thought I was going to be bored. I was engaged the entire time. I actually enjoyed the class.

-Amy, West Albany H.S., OR


Thank you, because this seminar encouraged and helped me to think outside of the box. The SAT requires a different mindset, which this seminar helped to explain.

-Anna, Belle Vernon Area H.S., PA


Great course. I feel really prepared.

-Harry, Bishop England H.S., SC


Thanks for the practice booklets! It will really give me that extra 'push' to do more at home.

-Caleb, White House H.S., TN


Very informative. Worth every penny. I feel much more confident and know my weaknesses to improve on.

-Kevin, Klein Oak H.S., TX


Great seminar! Very informative.

-Matthew, Mountain View H.S., VA


Worth the money. Every penny. Worth the time. Every second.

-Conner, Steilacoom H.S., WA


I feel a lot less nervous about taking the ACT.

-Greg, Wisconsin Lutheran H.S., WI


I loved this! If we had more programs like this, I would go to them just because of how much it's helping.

-Sara, Cheyenne South H.S., WY


What Students Say About ZAPS Webinars


"I liked the webinar because it was very helpful while you could participate in the comfort of your own home. I found it pleasantly surprising that the presenter found a way to still have the one on one connection that would be available in the classroom. Thank You for the opportunity!"

-Claire, AL, ACT


"It was like a private tutoring session, which was fantastic. I loved how we went over certain parts of the test and study tips."

-Dani, AZ, PSAT


"Great program! I loved the format of the webinar!"

-Erin, CO, ACT


"The webinar really helped me feel more prepared and it was nice that it was live so our questions were answered in real time."

-Emilee, CO, SAT


"This was very helpful and I am less stressed for the PSAT/SAT."

-Sydney, CO, PSAT/SAT


"I appreciated the fact that I could chat with my teacher directly to ask further questions without having to worry about anyone seeing them."

~Danielle, GA, ACT


"Being able to interact with other students and the teacher was, in my opinion, one of the best and most effective parts of the webinar. It was also extremely entertaining."

-Connor, IA, ACT


"All of the other methods of ACT preparation that I have looked at focus a lot more on content. Since my ACT is so soon it is very helpful to learn how to apply my knowledge instead of trying to cover all of the content."

-Tylamin, IA, ACT


"The webinar helped me become familiar with what to expect from the ACT. It also helps me know what to study in preparation for the ACT."

-Joshua, IL, ACT


"If online courses were arranged like this I would drop out of high school and take my education online."

-Riley, IN, SAT


"It was just like being in a class room but more comfortable. The presenter really worked with us and the students really got involved and helped each other out."

-Elissa, IN, SAT


"Allowing the students to respond or 'raise their hand' when they were done with certain parts of the test made it feel like everyone was on the same page and ensured no one was being left behind.

-Olivia, IN, SAT


"The speaker was really chill with the students."

-Alexis, KS, ACT


"I loved the fact that I didn't need to leave my house! I learned a lot and am excited to see how I do on my ACT."

-Estee, MN, ACT


"I got good tips that I haven't heard yet from teachers."

-Emily, MN, ACT


"I found the chat room very helpful because you can get more information that way."

-Brandon, MO, ACT


“Loved the webinar! Learned so much, especially because I tend to lose concentration on tests, the tips for shortening the time on the tests is great! Thanks."

-Joshua, NV, SAT


"Having communication with other students as well as the presenter made me feel very comfortable and was easy to follow along."

-Rachel, OH, PSAT


"It was an all around great experience. I learned new things that I think will really help me in improving my score. My instructor was great and I was impressed at the interaction considering this was online. Loved it."

-Hannah, SC, SAT


"We didn't just listen to a 5 hour speech but we had time to practice what we learned."

-Matthew, WI ACT


"I really enjoyed it and liked how it was online and interactive! I also learned more that I hadn't learned in other classes."

-Valina, WI, SAT